Workplace EV charging allows employees to charge their cars while they are at work. Since the average person spends about eight hours per day at work, workplace charging allows employees who drive EVs to conveniently and significantly extend their electric range. This can either replace overnight charging at home, which can save those employees money (if the employer foots the bill for the charge), allow employees without access to home charging to own an EV, and/or allow employees with lengthy commutes to potentially double their daily range. Companies can demonstrate leadership in adopting this green technology and offering a unique benefit for employees.


Employee Benefits

Increases Range Confidence: Workplace charging can potentially double the daily electric driving range of a typical EV, allowing the employee to drive further distances after leaving work. Employees are likely to be much more comfortable with the range of their electric car battery if they have the option to charge their EV while they are at work. As schedules vary day to day, workplace charging extends a driver’s daily electric range to accommodate any last minute changes of plans after work.

Creates New Charging Options: If an employee has a lengthy commute or does not have access to home charging, workplace charging allows them to still drive an EV. This not only gives more charging options to each individual employee, but also expands the range of employees within a company who can drive EVs.

Full Utilization of All EV Features: Many EV models are now equipped with the ability to preheat or precool your vehicle before the driver gets in. Workplace charging allows employees to use these sorts of features without using up valuable battery life.

Influence Purchase Decisions: Having the ability to charge at work makes buying an EV that much more attractive to potential buyers. This could even set off a trend among employees in the market for new vehicles, leading to a huge increase in zero-emission miles driven by a company’s employees.


Employer Benefits

Corporate Leadership: Installing workplace charging demonstrates a willingness to adopt advanced technology and embrace innovation.

Sustainability:  Providing workplace EV charging can contribute to or implement corporate sustainability efforts, reduce an employer’s indirect emissions from employee commutes, and contribute to a building’s LEED Certification requirements.

Employee Incentive: Workplace charging can provide a valuable, marketable employee benefit by helping employees to extend their electric driving range and reduce their commuting costs.


How to Encourage Your Employer to Adopt Workplace Charging

Do the Math: Start by calculating your own charging use and charging needs. Understanding your own charging needs can help both you and your employer create effective workplace charging systems. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency’s Workplace Charging website offers a WPC Power and Energy Calculator to help you do this.

Get Out There: Talk to your fellow employees who are either already EV owners or would consider purchasing one. Work together to create a plan to present to your employer and show that there is a demand for workplace charging.

Do Your Homework: While workplace charging is an excellent employee resource, you’re most likely going to have to persuade your employer to get on board. Start by surveying your fellow employees, researching potential benefits to employers of workplace charging, and having informal conversations with your employer about considering EV charging on the premises.

Move Forward, Get Involved: After getting your employer’s attention, direct them to the numerous workplace charging resources on the Web and work with your fellow employees and employer to build the most effective solution for your workplace, including:


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