High prices are a big reason for low electric vehicle sales volumes, which finally reached 1% of the U.S. market for the first time in June 2016. That hasn’t been the case on the used auto market, where plug-in vehicles have dominated this year. However, there are numerous other factors at work in the slow adoption of first-generation EVs.

According to a study released in May 2016, confusion reigns among consumers with regards to the segment. Most don’t know the basics about electric car range, hybrid or not, and a shockingly small percentage of those surveyed knew about available incentives. In other words, many consumers aren’t aware a car listed at $30,000 costs $22,500 or less after credits and may come with single-occupancy HOV lane access.

That sounds like more of a deal, and some of these cars are great buys. Here are the five cheapest electric vehicles on the market in 2016.

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