As more electrical components enter vehicles with hybrid and EV drivetrains, it’s hard to tell where the parts are coming from in your car. Are the battery cells manufactured in a U.S. plant or have they been imported from a foreign factory? When you see a badge from a Detroit automaker on a vehicle nowadays, you can’t take the origin of any components for granted.

Fortunately, we have the work of Frank DuBois, professor at American University’s Kogod School of Business, to help break down what elements of today’s vehicles come from where. DuBois and his team publish the Made in America Auto Index every year to let consumers know which cars can justify the label of “American-made.”

Each car gets a score based on the following categories: engine and transmission production (21%); body, interior, chassis, and electrical (50%); R&D (6%); profit margin, based on site of corporate headquarters (6%); labor (6%); and site of inventory and capital expenses (11%). Kogod then ranks all automobiles on the market based on their U.S.-sourced content.

Here are the five most American-made electric vehicles of 2016.

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