2017 Volvo XC90 T8

Plug-In Hybrid

Starting at $67,800*

EPA estimated Battery/Total Range = 17/350 miles

EPA estimated MPG** 96  |  Seats 7  |  Level 2 Charging Time 2.5-3 hours  |  Battery 9.2 kwh

The all-new XC90 T8 Twin Engine feels truly special behind the wheel, allowing you to switch between 400hp AWD performance and pure electric driving at the touch of a button. Fully charged, the T8 Twin Engine provides 17 miles (estimated) of pure electric driving–sufficient to cover most commutes and other every day scenarios. 

Manufacturer Link Volvo XC90 T8  |  Review Edmunds


*Price based on MSRP standard model

**Miles Per Gallon equivalent


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