2017 Toyota Prius Prime

Plug-In Hybrid

Starting at $27,100*

EPA estimated Battery/Total Range = 25/640 miles

EPA estimated MPG** 133  |  Seats 4  |  Level 2 Charging Time 2 hours  |  Battery 8.8 kwh

The all-new Prius Prime is the most efficient car in its class, with an EPA-estimated 133 MPGe. What makes it so superior? Every last detail has been optimized to make it both advanced and efficient. Its cutting-edge, lightweight materials, combined with its proven hybrid technology, all work harmoniously to enhance performance while maximizing—and redefining—efficiency.

Manufacturer Link Toyota Prius Prime Plug-In  |  Review Car and Driver


*Price based on MSRP standard model

**Miles-Per-Gallon equivalent


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