2017 Mercedes-Benz GLE550e

Plug-In Hybrid

Starting at $66,300*

EPA estimated Battery/Total Range = 12/460 miles

EPA estimated MPG** 50  |  Seats 5  |  Level 2 Charging Time 2 hours  |  Battery 9 kwh

The premium SUV that invented its class nearly 20 years ago still leads the way in every arena of driving, and from every angle of its design. From its iconic Star to its sleek LED taillamps, the future of the SUV has never looked brighter. The first plug-in hybrid Mercedes-Benz SUV can also travel far enough on electricity alone for many drivers to commute without using gasoline. The advanced lithium-ion battery can be charged by the gas engine while driving, at public charging stations, or at home.

Manufacturer Link Mercedes-Benz GLE550e  |  Review Edmunds


*Price based on MSRP standard model

**Miles-Per-Gallon equivalent


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